Apex Legends new Legend Ash is a badass and very very dangerous

Respawn Entertainment’s newest Apex Legends trailer is awesome. Just like all the shooter’s animated trailers have always been.

It is a trailer that is an introduction to Apex Legends‘ newest Legend, Ash, and a quick look into her quite terrifying backstory.

A story that includes her origins as Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the one who betrayed Horizon and the Pathfinder group, and a woman who was on the brink of death until her conscience was implanted into the simulacrum now called Ash.

The trailer also hints at the coming story of Ash herself — a new Legend who definitely knows her own mind.

Even if Ashleigh (Leigh) is still inside her somewhere trying to stop her.

Ash, of course, is previously known as the overseer of Arenas, but in this incarnation she looks like she will be much much more. So much more, she is likely to be an absolute badass, and the most dangerous Legend of all.

Hey, I’m in. How about you?

Season 11 of the popular shooter — Apex Legends: Escapewhich will debut Ash, was also announced today by Respawn and EA with a release date of November 2nd.

The new season will include a new weapon, a gun that was originally featured in Titanfall 2, a new Battle Royale map and a new battle pass. The Ranked system is also being changed.

Watch the latest Apex Legends trailer “Ashes to Ash” featuring the game’s latest Legend below. Just two weeks to wait before she’s real.