Are Denmark’s Anti Social Media Big Conchita Wurst Fans? Countdown Eurovision 2015

anti social media denmark eurovision

Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest entry Anti Social Media sounds like they may be big fans of Conchita Wurst – Countdown to Eurovision 2015

I kind of had an inkling Denmark’s Anti Social Media might be Conchita Wurst fans when they released the video for their Eurovision 2015 song a couple of months ago. Called ‘The Way You Are‘, it featured the cute Danish boy band dancing with Conchita at one point in the song, and right then and there I wondered “fans?”

Now, just a month before Eurovision 2015, Anti Social Media talked to the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, and one of the first things they said about Eurovision in Vienna was “Conchita, here we come”.

All I can say is, whether the boys are Conchita fans or not, it’s still kind of fun she keeps popping up whenever they’re around. Watch their video below to see what I mean, and let’s hope it continues.