Ariana Grande Sings ‘Problem’ Live at MuchMusic Video Awards Spectacularly

ariana grande muchmusic video awards live problem

Ariana Grande proved she could sing live, and really sing, when she performed her hit song ‘Problem’ as the last act at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto last night. The 20-year-old was cutely decked out in a short silver skirt and crop top and with a gorgeous high ponytail, but it was her singing that grabbed everyone’s attention.

From the minute she stepped on stage, surrounded by more studly male dancers than I’ve seen in most live shows, she also proved she wasn’t a slouch when it came to dancing to the number either. Sexy, sweet and with great style.

If you didn’t see Ariana Grande singing ‘Problem’ live at MuchMusic Video Awards yet, don’t worry, you can watch her below. She’s quite something.

Michelle Topham