Ariana Grande’s Dog Toulouse is So Cute, But So Is Her Family (Video)

ariana grande dog toulouse on jimmy fallon

The adorable and gorgeous Ariana Grande was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, but it wasn’t just the singer who appeared. Instead, Grande brought her dog, Toulouse, who is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, as well as her equally gorgeous mother, brother and grandmother.

Grande told Fallon that Toulouse goes with her all over the place. “He loves the tour bus, he sleeps very well,” which ended up being the cue for Toulouse himself to appear.

He trotted out, right onto¬†The Tonight Show set, without even a glance at the applauding audience. Got himself comfortable on Ariana’s lap, and then began to give the camera a full-on stare.

“He’s like a show business dog,” exclaimed Fallon.

“Well, he has a little bit of experience,” replied Ariana, and went on to explain Toulouse once modeled for Coach bags.

By this point, though, Toulouse had had enough of Jimmy, the crowd and The Tonight Show and calmly left to go backstage. “He’s peacing out,” said Grande. “He’s over it.”

Once Toulouse was gone, it was then time to focus on Ariana Grande’s family — her¬†grandmother, or Nonna, her brother and her mother — who are equally as cute and were in the audience.

But, being as cute as Ariana is, her segment on The Tonight Show last night obviously couldn’t end without showing a tape that embarrassed her mother. A tape that her mother, sitting in the audience, was desperately trying to stop them showing.

Watch Grande on The Tonight Show, and her mother, in the video below. She, her mother and the tape are adorable.