Ashley Benson Says Craziest Fan Experience Was When Naked in a Shower (Video)

ashley benson crazy fan seth meyers

Ashley Benson naked in a shower when fan wanted photograph

Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week where she told Seth her craziest fan experience was in a Korean health spa, when a fan walked into her shower stall while she was naked and wanted to take a photograph with her.

Benson says she responded, “I’m literally in the shower. Not the best time”. But (or should I say “butt”?) even then the fan wasn’t dissuaded. She just waited for Benson to come out of the shower so she could try to get a photograph with her.

Can I just say, folks. There is a time and a place.  And, if you see your favorite celebrity naked in a shower at a Korean health spa, no, that is not the time nor the place. Please. Practice some manners.

Now watch Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson on Seth Meyers in the video below. Isn’t she just the cutest girl?


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