Attack on Titan’s ‘Akuma no Ko’ animated video tells whole story of the anime — WATCH!

Japanese singer Ai Higuchi has released an ‘Akuma no Ko’ animated music video that is absolutely stunning to watch.

The video pretty much tells the whole story of Attack on Titan from the first time the Titans breach the Paradis Island wall right up until the current Final Season of the hit anime series.

And all of it accomplished in less than 4 minutes under the superb direction of video director Motohiro Ishii.


Ai Higuchi’s ‘Akuma no Ko‘ music video illustrates this highly emotional song perfectly

Ai Higuchi’s ‘Akuma no Ko‘, of course, is the ending theme song for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.

A season, I think, is the best one yet. And a fitting ending to what has been one of the most loved anime series of modern times.

In fact, my only complaint about Ai Higuchi’s ‘Akuma no Ko‘ music video is I wish the production team had chosen to put the lyrics at the bottom of the video, and not slap bang in the middle, as they really do detract from the beauty of the art and animation.

That being said ‘Akuma no Ko‘ is such a highly emotional song, it really is fabulous to get a full-length music video that is wonderfully illustrated by scenes from this amazing show.

Ai Higuchi’s ‘Akuma no Ko‘ was officially released on January 10th in Japan, and has been an enormous hit in a huge number of countries since.


No wonder really, as who wouldn’t want to own an amazing song that perfectly expresses all those emotions we have all felt while watching one of the most loved anime of all time?


Akuma no Ko‘ is also set to be re-released on Higuchi’s upcoming new album Saiaku Saiai, which is due out on March 2nd.

Until then, watch the ‘Akuma no Ko‘ animated music video below, follow Ai Higuchi on her YouTube channel and, of course, listen or buy the song via these platforms.


Michelle Topham