Aubrey Plaza Tells Conan She’s Hormonal and Full of Bites (Video)

aubrey plaza conan

Aubrey Plaza shows Conan her bites and says she’s feeling hormonal

Aubrey Plaza was on Conan this week and can I just say she’s one of the weirdest women around. In an absolutely cool, hot, awkward, and socially uncomfortable way. Plus, she’s so damned gorgeous, guys just fall all over her – socially awkward or not.

The interesting thing about Aubrey Plaza too, is she’s turned being socially awkward, and not having any kind of filter when she speaks, into an art form. So when she goes on Conan, like she did this week, and talks about singing a song called ‘Kill Kill Kill, Die, Die, Die’ in her head, you don’t automatically think “axe murderer”, you just thing “soooooo hot”.

Aubrey also told Conan she’s covered in strange bites, and she’s been very hormonal lately. Watch Conan’s reaction below, but let me just say it’s all more than just a bit sexual. Then again, it’s Aubrey Plaza, so what do you expect.