Aubrie Sellers Gives Awesome ‘Light of Day’ Debut TV Performance on ‘Stephen Colbert’ (Video)

aubrie sellers on stephen colbert light of day

Alternative country singer-songwriter Aubrie Sellers made her national TV debut this week with a Thursday night appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She performed a superb version of her new track ‘Light of Day‘, from her debut album New City Blues just released yesterday. A track she co-wrote with Adam Wright.

‘Light of Day‘ is just one of 14 tracks on her debut album. An album that is edgy, more than just a bit rock-oriented and, as Sellers herself calls it ‘garage country’.

And it’s not surprising Aubrie Sellers is so wonderful on stage, or that her vocals are so good and her songwriting skills so superb. After all, she is the daughter of country singer Lee Ann Womack, and has obviously inherited more than a few of her mother’s incredible abilities.

And yes, while she definitely does sound a little bit like Womack, Sellers also has a style that’s completey her own.

Listen to and watch her below.


Michelle Topham