Aya Cash’s Parents Are Cooler Than Her (Video)

aya cash's parents are cooler than her

If you know much about actress Aya Cash, you might already have presumed she comes from a pretty liberal family. And, yes, you would be correct.


Aya Cash’s mother is poet and novelist Kim Addonizio (she won the Pushcart Prize for ‘Aliens‘ in 2000), and her father is a Buddhist priest, a meditation teacher, and the founder of the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community.

As Aya told Conan O’Brien on his show Conan this week, “My mom is all tatted-up, and my Dad is a Buddhist priest”.

Cash went on to say, “They’ve always been much cooler than me. My mom would come to my middle school to pick me up in like a hot little leopard print number, and all the boys would be into her and I was a little flat-chested girl and….(she fakes crying) my life was so hard”.

Watch Aya Cash talk about her “cool parents” in the Conan video below.

And I don’t know about you, I’d have to disagree with Aya Cash saying her parents are cooler than she is, as I’d say Aya is pretty darn “cool” herself.

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Michelle Topham