Azealia Bank’s Single ‘Chasing Time’: This One Could Be a Hit (Video)

azealia banks
photo copyright Tim Boddy – Creative Commons License


Well, this is a nice rich little number. Rapper Azealia Bank’s new single ‘Chasing Time‘ has just been released and it’s wonderful. So much better than the work she’s been doing over the last couple of years and a possible vindication for Bank’s being released from her Universal label last month. Come on, if she can produce songs as good as this without them then…..yup.


And, of course, ‘Chasing Time’ is from her long-expected debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ so, if this is an indicator of the kind of work we can expect when that gets released, then it could just be a gem and something I’ll definitely be buying.

Nice job, Azealia. I’m loving it.


Michelle Topham