Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Pulled from Sale Due to Legal Problems

According to PCGamer, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition has been pulled from sale due to legal problems, but the developer who put the game together, Overhaul Games, isn’t being too upfront about why. All they will say, in a statement on their website, is Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition has been removed from sale due to contract problems with the publishers. Weirdly, however, it is still available on Steam and GamersGate — at least for now.

I honestly doubt there will be that many gamers who don’t already own the game too worried about not being able to buy it, though.

Word got around soon after release that it wasn’t a good game and many fanatical RPGgamers avoided it like the plague, particularly if they’d already played the original game. I’ve lost count of the number of gamers who have asked me “Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, enhanced with what? Worse quality, more bugs and a crap gaming experience?”


I guess, in one respect, when you decide to reissue a classic game but “enhanced”, you should really not only spend time ironing out any ‘legal issues’ before you get started, but also put the time into the game to make sure, when it is finished, it is actually better than the original. In this case, it wasn’t even close.

However, you would think it would be to the benefit of both Overhaul Games and the publisher (I’m presuming Atari, who recently declared bankruptcy?) to get this resolved quickly. So both parties can go back to making money from the game. Let’s hope they do.

Meanwhile, if you don’t own the game but would still like to see it played, there’s an excellent Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition set of videos talked about here.

Michelle Topham