Banished from the Hero’s Party Vol 7 cover reveal features Red, Rit and Al picking vegetables

Yen Press has just debuted the cover art for the upcoming action and adventure fantasy manga Banished from the Hero’s Party, Volume 7 via their official X (aka Twitter) account.


The new cover features protagonist Red along with Rit and half-elf boy Al.

From the basket Al is carrying, and the way Red is holding another larger basket over his head while they all smile delightedly, it appears the trio has been out harvesting vegetables.

The 164-page manga Banished from the Hero’s Party, Volume 7 is due out on April 16th, 2024 in both digital and paperback, and is currently up for pre-order via the Yen Press website and all the usual online platforms.

The synopsis for the plot of Volume 7, however, is not quite as happy as its cover suggests.

Yen Press describes the plot like this:

Rit and Red’s plan to lure out the Thieves Guild goes awry when Al, the half-elf boy in their care, is kidnapped by Bighawk’s goons! Bighawk, the Guild’s number two, has grand plans for Al, claiming he’ll make the boy a “hero.”

But what is he really after-and how do the “False Prophet” drug and the local bully Ademi factor in?!

Enjoy the just-released Banished from the Hero’s Party, Volume 7 cover debut above, and get your pre-order in for the manga now.

If you haven’t already, remember to also grab the first six volumes in the hit manga series while you are at it.

Meanwhile, the first four episodes of the second season of the Banished from the Hero’s Party anime are now streaming via Crunchyroll.

The second season of the anime is also being higher rated than its first so far.

Steve Reynolds