Battle Fatigue and Injuries Skyrim Mod: Fighting Becomes More Realistic


Battle Fatigue and Injuries Skyrim mod will cause battle injuries to be carried over

The Battle Fatigue and Injuries Skyrim mod is a mod that makes the injuries your character receives in battle a little more realistic. That means you’ll receive certain negative side effects the longer you’re in battle and the more hits you take. These negative effects carry over into the rest of your gameplay, meaning if you get hit in the leg, for instance, running will be a problem in other areas of the game. Or, if you get hit in the arm while in battle, being able to pickpocket later on will be more difficult.

The mod doesn’t just affect you, though. It also causes similar effects to any NPCs who might be with you, as well as any opponents you’re fighting.

The way the Battle Fatigue and Injuries Skyrim mod works is the first injury you receive in battle is likely to be pretty mild. Carry on fighting, however, while not tending to your wounds and other injuries will be more severe.

Battle fatigue will also kick in the longer you fight, affecting your health points and your ability to protect yourself for a prolonged period of time in-game. Even healing yourself mid-battle won’t be as effective, causing you to have to heal yourself more and more for less effect.

Once the battle is over, sleeping will heal some minor injuries, but more severe ones will need to be given a blessing from a priestess.

To find out more about the Battle Fatigue and Injuries Skyrim mod, watch the excellent Brodual video below to see the mod in action, orĀ visit the Skyrim Nexus page to download.



Michelle Topham