Battlefield V big maps will be in multiplayer mode, quit whining!

Battlefield V big maps will be included in the multiplayer mode of the game. So says lead multi-player designer Valerian Noghin, who sounds like he is a bit sick of all the whining about Battlefield V so far.

Especially as the game is still two months away from release.

Frankly, I’d say you can’t really blame him.


Tweets say Battlefield V big maps are coming

In tweets on Saturday, Noghin shared the map for Breakthrough for Hamada, and pointed out there is a distance of over 1500 meters from the Attacker’s headquarters to the Defenders’ final 5th sector.

To drum that concept in to some of the dull minds that still seem to be having trouble comprehending just what Battlefield V is going to include, Noghin added a view from Conquest C so they can better see the scale.

He also added — the layout is a WORK IN PROGRESS!

Battlefield V whining

The concerns and whines came from fans that have played the recent open beta for Battlefield V. They were worried that the map sizes were not big enough, and nowhere near the size of Battlefield’s 3 and Battlefield 4.

Level designer Jeff Gagné, also hammered Noghin’s message home by tweeting a comment about Battlefield V big maps — “I know I know, it’s easy to come to conclusion but jeez, the game is not released and we are starting to share info. — “WHY U MAKE MAP SO SMALL!! — Stop assuming things folks, please.” he said on Twitter.


Adding “Love you all”.

Although you really have to wonder if DICE loves half of the people commenting about Battlefield V?

Especially as they have received so much hatred and abuse from whiny and misogynistic little boys (or grown men acting like little boys) for nothing more than adding female characters into the game.

God knows, I can’t stand most of them.

Battlefield V is due to be released on November 20th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and if my couple of hours watching a friend play the open beta of the game last week are anything to go by, it is going to be incredible.

You can pre-order it now from EA.

Until then, watch a few epic moments from Battlefield V from Gamesprout in the video below.

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