BBC Reporter Sinks Through the Floor Live on National TV (Video)


If you need a smile, you should probably watch this video. It shows BBC reporter Caroline Bilton suddenly ‘sinking’ through the floor of the TV studio while reporting live on national TV and finally disappearing from view.

The floor sinking of the BBC news reporter was actually caused by a camera gone a little bit haywire, but the effect as it was happening was quite startling.

Just finishing up her report, Caroline Bilton suddenly started to disappear down towards the bottom of TV screens, making it appear the studio floor had opened up and was swallowing her whole.

The BBC quickly cut back to the anchorwoman who in true British poker-faced fashion calmly said “I think we had a problem with her camera there at the end”, and moved on to other things.

Later Caroline Bilton herself tweeted “Well I’m globally famous it would seem and for all the wrong reasons! The power of the web! Glad it’s making people smile. #sinkingfeeling”.

Thanks to the BBC, (and, of course, Caroline Bilton). You made me laugh.

Michelle Topham