BBC’s ‘Inside Porton Down’ Looks at Chemical and Biological Weapons (Trailer)

inside porton down

The BBC has been given unprecedented access to Porton Down laboratories in a new program ‘Inside Porton Down‘. In it, BBC Four is given admission into one of the UK’s most secretive military research bases, to look at the work that is being done there on chemical and biological weapons.


The BBC looks at how an anthrax bomb was tested on the Scottish island of Gruinard, a place that has only recently been declared ‘safe’ to return to, VX, one of the world’s most dangerous chemical agents, and what really happened in the death of 20-year-old airman Ronald Maddison during an MOD sarin experiment in the 1950s.

Inside Porton Down‘ airs on BBC Four soon. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below.


Michelle Topham