Be Nice to Britney Spears and She Might Not Be So Nervous and Shy (Video)

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Britney Spears seems nervous and shy on Ellen; not surprising when you see how the news media treats her

I’ve never been a Britney Spears fan. By that I mean I’ve liked some of her music, but I’ve never thought about her as an idol, just a singer that produces some good music. But, I watched Britney Spears on The Ellen Show this week and, for the first time, not only did I feel a little bit sad for her, I could also see how years of being harangued by the media has made her nervous and shy.

Spears was on The Ellen Show to talk about twisting her ankle and tearing ligaments while performing in her Las Vegas show last week. And, of course, to give free tickets to Ellen’s audience so they can go to her show once she’s recovered from her ankle injury.

But what struck me about Britney Spears’ appearance here, wasn’t that she seemed sweet and nice, which she did, but also how nervous and shy she appeared.


Watch the video below and see how hard it seems to be for her to respond to Ellen’s questions. Like she’s not sure how to answer. And that probably comes from years of having hate thrown at her by the media. It would make you uncertain of yourself and the response you get to things you say as well.

Then watch how she’s twisting her hands the whole time she’s talking, and how stiff and awkward her face looks when she laughs. To me, Britney Spears seems to be incredibly nervous and shy, and that makes me sad.

Because someone this talented, and who has produced so much great music and made so many millions of fans happy, should be able to be secure in the knowledge people like her and, yes, that she’s loved.

So maybe it’s about time for people to treat Britney Spears better, and to always be respectful and kind.

Maybe then she wouldn’t find it so difficult to have a simple conversation, without feeling like she’s being judged.



Michelle Topham