Beauty and the Feast Vol 11 – final volume of comfy, slice-of-life manga now out in English

When I started reading the slice-of-life manga series Beauty and the Feast (八雲さんは餌づけがしたい, aka Yakumo-san wa Eduke ga Shitai), I was not expecting it to be my cup of tea.


After all, a teenage baseball player starts eating in a lonely widow’s apartment every night, while she cooks him enormous meals of his favorite food sounds a bit dull or even suspicious, eh?

Well, it’s not.

Instead, the Beauty and the Feast manga series turned out to be an incredibly comfy, wholesome series that is just about that — lonely widow Yakumo cooking food for living-on-his-own teen Yamato so that she can help him grow properly.

It is also a manga that has had such a loyal following, mangaka Satomi U has produced 11 volumes of the Beauty and the Feast series, with the 11th volume its final one, as well as… now out in English.

Beauty and the Feast manga final volume (Vol 11) now out in English

That 11th and final volume is finally out in English courtesy of Square Enix, with Beauty and the Feast Volume 11 being published yesterday.

Square Enix explains Volume 11’s coming-to-an-end plot like this:

A humble dinner table brought a lonely widow and a hungry young baseball player together. But spring brings changes on the wind… Yamato, soon to be a second-year, will move from his apartment into the school dorms, a change that spells the end of his meal arrangement with Shuko.

One night in April, Shuko goes to visit the same blooming cherry blossom tree that she did the year before, only to find someone waiting for her…

In this shocking final volume, the tale of the beauty and the feast comes to a delicious and satisfying conclusion!

Beaty and the Feast, Volume 11 is available in English now in both digital and paperback print editions, via Square Enix.

If you loved this relaxing, comfy manga series as much as I did, you will also want to own it.