Behind Your Touch Ep 16 is #1 most-watched program for Sunday as series finale airs

Photo courtesy JTBC

Now I must admit I am thrilled with the latest news about Behind Your Touch, as the JTBC drama has been one of my favorite dramas of 2023.

What news, you might ask?

The news that not only did Behind Your Touch, Episode 16, which aired in South Korea on Sunday night, recover its ratings after Episode 15’s quite large fall, but the comedy fantasy thriller also ended its 16-episode run as the #1 most watched program on Sunday nationwide.

Behind Your Touch, Episode 16 ratings show drama recovered from Episode 15’s drop

According to Nielsen Korea, tonight’s nationwide rating for Episode 16 was 9.29 percent, which is a substantial increase from Episode 15’s 6.41 percent.

The same great news also applies to audiences in Seoul, who also tuned into the drama in larger numbers than for its previous episode garnering Behind Your Touch, Episode 16 ratings of 9.25 percent — up from its previous episode’s 7.05 percent.

Those final ratings mean Behind Your Touch ended with an average of 7.05 percent nationwide for each episode, and a 7.39 percent in Seoul.

Behind Your Touch stars Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho.

The drama ran from August 12th to October 1st, 2023 on JTBC in South Korea, and streamed on Netflix in select regions.

The entire series is now available for streaming via TVING, with Netflix airing it in some regions for international audiences.

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