Belle and Sebastian ‘The Party Line’ – Repeat Rotation Video

belle and sebastian the party line


Yesterday, I chose a Repeat Rotation Video from the 1960s French TV series ‘Belle and Sebastian. Today, it’s time for me to choose another video from Belle and Sebastian but, this time, from the incredible Scottish indie pop group of the same name, and their new single ‘The Party Line‘.

Belle and Sebastian have been around for a couple of decades, ever since I had a radio show on a US radio station, and they’ve never hit the big time they have always deserved.

Unfortunate, as their music is just amazing — often wistful, sweet and sad, with great beats and beautiful lyrics.

Now they have a new album coming out. Called ‘Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance‘, the album will be released on January 19th, 2015. The band will also be doing a UK tour to promote it.

Until then, listen to Belle and Sebastian’s new single ‘The Party Line’. And, yep, it’s great to dance to.