Ben Affleck Says It Was Cold When They Filmed His Penis in ‘Gone Girl’ (Video)

ben affleck's 15 foot penis



Well, ‘Gone Girl‘ just became a movie I need to see even more than I thought I do. That’s because, according to Ben Affleck, one of the stars, there is brief full frontal nudity and, if you see it at an iMax theater, that means you’ll get to see his penis 15 feet high. Really.

Affleck was talking to MTV News this week and was asked about the full frontal nudity in ‘Gone Girl’ because, let’s face it, that’s what half the audience will now be interested in hearing about.

He then went on a bit of a word spew (nervous about that penis, eh, Ben?) where he said he’d been told by the director of the movie he couldn’t ‘have any vanity’ and that it was going to be similar to movies in Europe and, oh, there was brief nudity and his penis might be 15 feet high and, oh yeah, it was cold in that room when they filmed.

I had to laugh as he handled it very well and with more than just a bit of humour.

Watch him below.


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