Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say Penguin and May Not Work for DreamWorks Again (Video)

benedict cumberbatch can't say penguins
British actor Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say penguin, at least if a documentary he recently did is anything to go by. Not to worry, though, there’s a fabulous video just gone up on the BBC America channel of Benedict’s ‘penguins’ documentary pronunciation mishaps talked about on The Graham Norton Show that is absolutely hilarious. And as he proves, he has a wonderful sense of humour about it.

What’s even funnier, however, is not only the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say penguin, he also just got a job voicing one of the characters in the upcoming movie ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘.

Sadly, however, Benedict seems to think he worked for Disney on that movie, and not the actual producers of the film — DreamWorks — so he may not work for DreamWorks ever again either.


Watch the video below, where you just have to really really love the man, as he has that typical British sense of self-deprecation that’s lovely to watch.

Michelle Topham