Benedict Cumberbatch Does Chewbacca Impersonation on Graham Norton: Memories Monday

benedict cumberbatch chewbacca impersonation graham norton

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is somewhat known for his impersonations, as he’s very good at them. But there is one impersonation Cumberbatch did that was so spot on, and so funny, it has earned a place in my Memories Monday series.

It’s Benedict Cumberbatch doing his Chewbacca impersonation on The Graham Norton Show.


But what makes this Chewbacca impersonation even more fabulous is Cumberbatch actually dares to do it in front of Han Solo himself — Harrison Ford. And, yes, Ford is so taken aback when he hears it, his mouth actually falls open.

Watch Cumberbatch do his Chewbacca impersonation below. Perfect, eh?


Michelle Topham