Benedict Cumberbatch Getting Married to Sophie Hunter: Announces in The Times

benedict cumberbatch can't say penguins


Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married to girlfriend Sophie Hunter, but it wasn’t Cumberbatch that announced the news. That was done in a tiny announcement in The Times today. An announcement that simply said:


The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London.

The Daily Mail is reporting Cumberbatch, who is currently starring in ‘The Imitation Game flew to Edinburgh to ask Sophie’s mother for her hand in marriage before he officially proposed.

Hunter is an actress and a theatre director, and met Cumberbatch more than five years ago when they appeared in a film together. It’s only recently, though, that they began dating.

Although Cumberbatch has been keeping the relationship as quiet as possible, the news media reported the couple were seen together back in June at the French Open.

No word yet as to when the wedding will take place but, knowing Benedict Cumberbatch, that information might be a secret too.

Meanwhile, just to prove what a lovely man Benedict Cumberbatch is, watch him on The Graham Norton Show last week where he proves he’s unable to say the word ‘penguin’. Isn’t he just awesome?