Benedict Cumberbatch to Play ‘Dr Strange’ in Marvel Movie: Yay!


Oh yea Gods, I couldn’t be more excited. Marvel has just announced via Twitter that British actor Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing ‘Dr Strange‘ in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie. What an amazing choice he is, don’t you think!


Cumberbatch, of course, is currently known for his work during the last four years as Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC series ‘Sherlock, as well as for playing the role of the British codebreaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

Cumberbatch should be incredible as ‘Dr Strange’. Come on, Dr Stephen Strange is a powerful superhero and known as the Sorcerer Supreme. Can’t you just imagine what Benedict Cumberbatch will do with that role?

‘Dr Strange’ will begin filming early in the new year, and is due for release in movie theaters worldwide in November, 2015.



Michelle Topham