Best Civilization VI Let’s Play? Quill 18’s ‘Persia’ is excellent (video)

Best Civilization VI Let’s Play? — I’m thoroughly enjoying Quill18’s

While I’m not a gigantic fan of Civilization VI (I think Civ IV is a much better game), I do enjoy watching Let’s Plays of the game. Especially when it is a good Let’s Play, played by a Civ player who knows his stuff.

One of my favorite Civilization VI Let’s Players is Canadian YouTuber Quill18, who is currently mid-way through what I think is one of the best Civilization VI Let’s Plays at the moment. He’s playing the Civilization VI – Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack as Persia.


One of the most-watched grand strategy game players on YouTube with almost 200 million views, Quill18 has been playing Civilization in all its various versions for quite a few years, so knows most of the ins and outs of the game. He also has an informative yet relaxing gameplay style that I enjoy, as he’s great to watch at the end of a long day when you don’t want anything too stressful.

Is he an absolute expert who never makes mistakes? No, he’s not.

But that’s what I like about him. As Quill 18 is a much better Civilization VI player than I am, so he gives me something feasible to aim for without being so mind-blowingly good I will never stand a chance.

Plus he explains in depth about every aspect of playing as Persia before he gets started, and then adds relevant information as he gets going in the game. Which means, by the time he’s finished playing, I will know enough about the civilization and its strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to approach playing a game as Persia, to be able to do a reasonable job myself.

You can watch Quill18’s Civilization VI Let’s Play as Persia in the video series below. He’s currently over 18 hours into the Let’s Play and it’s well worth a view.

He also livestreams most of his Let’s Plays on Twitch, so you can watch him in real time if that’s what you prefer.


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