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Best Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough is as Portugal

This Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough is laidback and well-explained

The Europa Universalis IV Golden Century DLC released yesterday, December 11th, 2018.

Golden Century is the 15th expansion pack for the popular grand strategy game, and concentrates on Iberia, The Maghreb and Central America. It also focuses heavily on overseas colonization.

Now, I have owned Europa Universalis IV since it was first released back in 2013. During that time, I have probably played well over 100 games and, at some point, I always buy each new DLC as it is released.

This time, though, I decided to wait to buy the latest release until I had checked out at least one Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough, so that I could see if it was worth paying for yet another DLC for a five year old game. (Conclusion after walkthrough viewing? Yes, it definitely is!).

After watching the first few minutes of a handful of videos, the Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough I chose to watch through was a new series from YouTuber Adrian Gaming.

A series in which he plays Golden Century as Portugal.

And, before you watch the first video in his very cool walkthrough series below, let me point out you should not pay attention to the quite large number of thumbs down that video received.

After all, the down ratings have nothing to do with his gameplay or his knowledge of the game. Instead, some of his followers were angry that he ran a poll asking them which country he should play as, and they overwhelmingly chose Morocco.

The video series Adrian Gaming then uploaded was as Portugal.

As he explains in comments on the first Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough video, however, gameplay as Morocco is definitely coming soon.  It was just that he had started a Portugal playthrough of the new DLC before the poll was completed.

As for Adrian Gaming’s Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough, it is his first play through ever as Portugal.

You will like it as he is knowledgeable about the game, he explains his strategy right at the beginning and he has a relaxed commentary style. He also makes smart decisions as the game progresses.

Adrian Gaming’s Europa Universalis IV Golden Century walkthrough currently has eight videos in the series, for a total gameplay time of almost five and a half hours so far.

Watch the first video in his series below, and check out the rest of the series on his YouTube playlist.

If you are still on the fence about buying the Europa Universalis IV Golden Century DLC, you can also watch Paradox Grand Strategy’s First Look video below that to learn more about the immersion pack.

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