Best Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt Videos? Captain Sparklez is Hilarious

Captain Sparklez’ Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt videos are hilarious

First let me say I have never played a Team Fortress 2 game with the Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt mod, but I am completely addicted to watching videos from gamers who use it. One of the best Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt video series I’m currently watching is one on Captain Sparklez’ YouTube channel where he plays Prop Hunt with YouTubers IncredibleOrb (Joel) and NFENVideos (Nick). Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt, just in case you don’t know, creates a cool multi-player game in which half the players disguise themselves as inanimate objects or ‘props’ while the other half of the players try to find them. Gamers become filing cabinets, shoes, desks, computers, wine barrels — you name it, they might be disguised as it, and it’s up to the other players to figure out what they are. When they do, they try to kill them.

Captain Sparklez’ Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt isn’t really sparklingly better than many of the other Prop Hunt videos out there, but what makes his video series so addictive to watch is just how much fun he’s having at this game. I’ve never seen him laugh so much.


You can watch Captain Sparklez playing Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt in the first video in the series below. You’ll find his other videos on his YouTube channel.


Michelle Topham