Best Judgment walkthrough? 100 percent guaranteed, it’s this one

Judgment, the new action adventure game from Sega’s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has just been released.

If you’re somewhere where you can’t play it, you can’t afford the 60 euros (70 bucks) its selling for at the moment, or you don’t own a PlayStation 4, there are a couple of YouTube gamers that are already uploading their Judgment walkthrough.

Including one of my favorite gamers, Shirrako.

His Judgment walkthrough already has 12 videos online, for a total time of 11 3/4 hours of gameplay so far. The rest of the videos in his series are likely to be published in the next couple of days too.

As usual, Shirrako’s Judgment walkthrough is from a review copy of the game, and was recorded in HD, and in 1080p and 60fps . It is also just gameplay, ie: no commentary. Yay!

His full gameplay series is the full game, with all cutscenes, boss fights, missions and side missions, upgrades, outfits, the final boss and the ending. He will be uploading the secret ending as well.

In other words, nope, no clickbait from Shirrako. Ever. As, unlike some other YouTube gamers, if he says the game is ‘full’, it is as full as it’s possible to get.

Which is one reason why I look at Shirrako’s walkthroughs before I watch anyone else’s. He plays games incredibly well, and he is always very thorough.

As for Judgment, the game is exceptionally good.

The storyline really pulls you in, the fight system is excellent, and the investigation mode is interesting. The side stories too are fun. Especially as they give you a chance to earn cash, gain experience and make new friends. Some of whom will be able to help you later on in the game.

In other words, at 60 euros, Judgment may sound a little steep, but it’s not. Not for the more than 35 hours of gameplay you get, and the utter gorgeousness and perfectness of this superb game.

Watch the first video in Shirrako’s Judgment walkthrough below to see what I mean. You’ll find the rest of them on his YouTube playlist.

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