Best Let’s Play Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon Walkthrough Videos?

Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon has an awesome Let’s Play video series

For the last couple of years I’ve been seeing Gobliiins, the classic series of adventure puzzle games from Coktel Vision, keep popping up on various game distribution sites. So, over Christmas, I finally bought the entire series — Gobliiins, Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon and Gobliiins 3 (or the Gobliiins Pack) from GOG.

As per usual, I watched Let’s Play Gobliiins of all three games as I love to see how other people play the games I like. That’s also when I came across one of the best Let’s Play Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon walkthrough video series from Kikoskia, one of my favorite gamers. I think he’s an excellent Let’s Player, by the way, because he doesn’t talk over the cut scenes, he’s funny and he’s smart. A great combination for any let’s player.

Be warned, Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon is a very weird and bizarre game and, yep, it will make your brain hurt (well it did mine!) as it’s not always a logical assumption that will help you solve the puzzle. That being said, though, it’s a funny game and extremely entertaining, particularly when you try to do things that simply don’t work.


The Gobliiins Pack from GOG, by the way, is DRM-free as all GOG’s games are so if you care about digital rights management, or specifically your rights, make sure you buy it from them. The Gobliiins Pack is also only six bucks for three games that will give you hours of entertainment.

And, if you haven’t played Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon yet, check out Kikoskia’s first let’s play video below. Yeah, it’s weird.

Michelle Topham