Best Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz Mod? The Yogscast’s Duncan and Lewis, Of Course (Video)

The Yogscast’s Duncan and Lewis have the best Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz videos

Looking for the best Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz mod? Need I even bother telling you that The Yogscast’s Duncan and Lewis have recorded a Let’s Play that’s better than anyone else’s? Of course I don’t, as that’s pretty obvious. But……. I do have to say The Yogscast have even outdone themselves on this one, and right from the first episode.

The Yogscast’s Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz starts off with Duncan and Lewis ‘finding’ a bunker (well, yeah, we all know Duncan made it!). Half-built out of cement and harboring a golem, which the boys eventually name ‘Comrade’, the first episode of the Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz series starts off with Duncan and Lewis testing explosives.
Their first test, the shrapnel grenade, goes off with a very nice bang and some odd texture pack issues. But, when they move on to blowing up a ‘hypersonic explosive’, that’s when their real troubles begin.

The explosion is so huge it blasts an enormous crater in the earth, rains down blocks for miles and miles, and Duncan gets squashed by a falling block, dying immediately. Lewis, meanwhile, gets disconnected while flying, reconnects and then plummets to his death.

If you wanted a more exciting start to a Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz series, you’re hardly likely to find one as this one has it all. Enormous explosions, a slew of gory deaths, creepers, skeletons and zombies out the yin yang and……don’t forget the golem.

You can watch the first episode of The Yogscast’s Duncan and Lewis playing Minecraft Voltz below, and the rest of the series on YouTube.


Michelle Topham