Best Let’s Play Minecraft XBox 360 Videos? I Love The Diamond Minecart

Which YouTube gamer does the best Let’s Play Minecraft XBox 360 videos?

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who recently bought Minecraft for the XBox 360, one of the things you should be looking for is the best Let’s Play Minecraft on XBox 360 video series so you can get some tips on how to play it well.

That’s because, even for the best Minecraft players, the game has so many options of how to play it you can always learn a lot from watching someone else and especially someone who’s pretty much an expert.

That being said, while I’m choosing The Diamond Minecart’s new series of Let’s Play Minecraft on XBox 360 survival videos as some of the best around, it’s definitely not because he’s an expert as, in this series, he isn’t. In fact, his first video starts off so badly he actually gets killed by a tag team of skeletons so many times a lesser player might have just given up.


The Diamond Minecart, by the way, is usually popular for his excellent series of Minecraft mod review videos rather than for any particular skills as a Let’s Player. But in this new survival series, he does three things very well, and that’s why I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

He plays the vanilla version of the game without any fancy modding complicating things, he makes tons of mistakes and lets us watch him make them, and he plays the game on ‘Hard’ mode, so you get to see how bad it can get.

Check out The Diamond Minecart’s first video in his Minecraft on XBox 360 survival series below, and if you like what you see subscribe to his channel so you don’t forget to watch the rest. He’s currently uploading at least two videos a week in this series and, so far, it really is awesome.

Michelle Topham