Best Minecraft Tekkit Videos: VGToolbox are Awesome and Screamingly Hilarious


VGToolbox make the best Minecraft Tekkit videos ever

It seems like every week I have a new series of YouTube videos that I’m absolutely addicted to watching. This week it’s every video ever made by a couple of YouTubers called VGToolbox. They play Minecraft, specifically Minecraft Tekkit. and these guys are freaking awesome.

Well…..I do have to admit they’re not the most tech-savvy guys when it comes to playing Tekkit, as they definitely make mistakes, but if you want to watch Minecraft Tekkit videos where you will be screaming laughing just a couple of minutes into it, you really can’t miss VGToolbox.


VGToolbox, by the way, is a couple of British guys who go by the names Glitch and Buncible. In real life, Liam and Will are their more normal handles.

Liam is the calmer of the two and the one who does most of the Tekkit work while putting up with Buncible and giving him a hell of a lot of aggro, of course, as well. For his part, Buncible is crazy. Certifiably crazy in some respects, but one of the funniest and most quick-witted guys I’ve ever heard on YouTube. Ever. Really. Ever.

Both Glitch and Buncible have that dry, twisted British sense of humour we Brits love, and Americans have definitely come to appreciate, and they’re as equally funny when they’re building Tekkit machinery (badly) or when Buncible is upset because a spider just killed his snowman or when he’s blowing up Nether ore in the Nether while running from zombie pigmen.

If you love Tekkit and enjoy watching Tekkit videos, you absolutely must watch VGToolbox. I’ve taken to watching a couple of their videos every night before I go to sleep, although it has been difficult sleeping afterwards as my sides hurt so much from laughing. They’re well worth the sleeplessness, though,I must say.

Meanwhile, check out the first video from my current favorite VGToolbox series, Tekkit Toolbox LP. Two minutes into it and the boys are already in biiiiiig trouble. Try not to laugh. I dare you.



Michelle Topham