Best Wolfenstein: Youngblood walkthrough completes game in under 8 hours

Wolfenstein: Youngblood screenshot

Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the new entry into the Wolfenstein franchise, dropped this week and, from reviews that have gone up over the last few days for the first-person shooter, most people seem to agree it is well worth a buy.

If you are not sure if buying it is on your list of things to do, however, you might want to watch a Wolfenstein: Youngblood walkthrough that has gone up over the last few days.

YouTube has a plethora, a few of them are good, but what I think is the best Wolfenstein: Youngblood walkthrough is the full playthrough uploaded by MKIceandFire.


Especially because the game comes with an interesting enough story, an hour and a half of cutscenes, and an immersion opportunity you don’t always get in a first-person shooter.

The last thing you want then is a walkthrough with tons of commentary, which MKIceAndFire obviously knows. That’s why his are always commentary-free.

In fact, the only drawback to watching his playthrough is he does mute the audio a few times, which can be annoying. That, however, is due to YouTube’s ridiculous copyright system nowadays. A system that allows just about anyone to claim copyright on a content maker’s videos, including the composer of a game’s background music, with the result being YouTube will immediately de-monetize the video.

Other than that, though, his Wolfenstein: Youngblood walkthrough is excellent, and very entertaining.

He also finishes the entire game in just under eight hours, and he plays it well.


MKIceandFire’s playthrough was done in 1080p HD and in 60FPS, and includes the full game, plus all possible endings and all boss fights.

He is even uploading other videos in addition to his walkthrough that allow you to watch the over 90-minutes of cutscenes the game includes as a straight-through-the-story watch, as well as several others of stand-alone scenes.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood weapons upgrade screenshot

Wolfenstein: Youngblood gameplay

As for the game itself, while the animations are pretty crude in parts, and the voice acting not always what you might expect, overall Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an entertaining game.

There is a lot to keep  you occupied, a ton of exploration possibilities, and some very nice art. Its grisly humor and cartoon-like kills are also a blast.

Gameplay is definitely gory, some of the side missions are fun, the stealth aspects play out quite well and the AI, while not perfect, does its job decently enough.

Playing as one of the two female protagonists is cool too. Especially as they both have irreverent and direct personalities.

The main drawback to Wolfenstein: Youngblood, however, is that the leveling up system is a game killer, as it drags on the time needed to spend in the game to get where you need to go. On top of that, as your character levels up so do your enemies, so there is rarely any big payoff you will get from doing so.

That being said, MKIceandFire’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood walkthrough definitely made the game more pleasurable for me than if I had played it myself. As, at least by watching it, I was only seeing the monotony of leveling up as a semi-interested third party rather than having to handle the grind myself.

If you’re interested in a decent walkthrough, check out the first video in his series below. It clocks in at only a few minutes under three hours, so there is plenty to get your teeth into. The rest of his playthrough is completed in his other six videos in his series on his playlist.

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Michelle Topham