Best XCOM: Enemy Within Walkthrough Videos? Yogscast Rythian, Of Course

Rythian kicks ass in XCOM: Enemy Within walkthrough

One of my Christmas gifts to myself was the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Sure, the expansion pack definitely has some of the problems the original game had, particularly with line-of-sight and it still being unbalanced but, overall, it’s pretty freaking fantastic.

That being said, of course I’ve screwed up several missions and had to replay them. More than once. One of these times was when I headed to YouTube to find the best XCOM: Enemy Within walkthrough video series, so I didn’t get my ass kicked……. again.

And that video series, of course, is done by The Yogscast’s Rythian, who is currently in the middle of an absolutely excellent XCOM: Enemy Within walkthrough — mistakes and all.


What I love about Rythian is he explains exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing, keeps his calm the whole way through and, even if he screws up himself, he’s the first to admit he knows it and why.

You can check out what I think is the best XCOM: Enemy Within walkthrough first video below, or watch Rythian’s whole XCOM series on his YouTube channel.

Michelle Topham