Best XIII Walkthrough: Can’t Buy This Amazing FPS? Watch the Video

Best XIII walkthrough?

The French comic book video game XIII (Thirteen) used to be available for digital download on GOG, which is where I originally bought it. Unfortunately, Ubisoft in all their (un)-wisdom stopped allowing it to be sold on GOG late last year so, as of this writing, XIII digital downloads are no longer available. It’s too sad as XIII is an incredible FPS game.

But, when I was playing XIII through this week for the first time, I got a little stuck and that’s when I found what I think is the best XIII walkthrough on YouTube.


It was recorded by a gamer who calls himself FullNoobGameplay, and his XIII walkthrough is not only the best XIII walkthrough I found, it’s one of the best walkthroughs I’ve seen — period. I even ended up watching the whole video series straight through again, once I’d finished playing XIII myself.

Check it out (first video is below) if you’re interested in what XIII looks like and can’t buy it anymore or like me got stuck and need help.


Michelle Topham