Beware Planet Earth: Best Tower Defense Game of the Year? (Video)

Yep, I’m almost a whole year behind with Beware Planet Earth as, even though it was released in 2012, I only grabbed it from Indie Game Stand a few weeks ago, which is why I’m just getting around to writing a review on it. So, when I talk about Beware Planet Earth being the ‘best tower defense game of the year’, I’m obviously meaning the 2012-2013 year (see how I got around that???)

What is Beware Planet Earth?

Beware Planet Earth is a tower defense game in which you are the guy zapping the aliens who are using crop circles to enter your fields and steal your cows. Your buddy, Barney, is locked in the outhouse inventing more and more unusual machines that, if used in the correct spot and at the right time, will kill enough aliens to save your cows.

The level starts, and Barney gives you a new machine. The aliens start pouring out of the crop circles and you are slamming alien-killing machines down as fast as you can, zapping aliens with your zap gun if they just won’t die, keeping an eye on your cows so they don’t get sucked up into the space ship and making sure you hit that alien demolition expert with a bomb before he demolishes your most expensive machine.

Choose the machines you think will be most effective in defending your livestock, make sure you have enough cog factories to produce the number of cogs you’ll need to build more machines, keep your alien zapper gun at hand so you’ve got something to shoot with, and work fast, fast, fast as there are more aliens coming soon.

Oh and don’t forget to give that cow bell a good shake if your cow is moving too slowly, and an alien is right up its rear end. That’ll get it running and out of harm’s way.

Beware Planet Earth is fast-paced, it’s absolutely addictive, it has great music, awesome alien characters, the coolest machines, and is one of the most fun games you’ll ever play. Best tower defense game of the year? Absolutely,

Why is Beware Planet Earth the best tower defense game of the year?

How could a game not be best tower defense of the year when you have this much fun playing it?  And that’s because Beware Planet Earth has everything. Cute colorful graphics, perfect music, funny cows, a crotchety protagonist (Barney) you never actually get to see (he’s locked in the outhouse designing machines),a huge variety of awesome looking aliens that can be really tough to beat in later levels, loads of combinations of machines to use to beat each level, and even bonus levels once you get far enough in the game.

Plus, with so many levels, bonus levels and achievements to get, not only does Beware Planet Earth offer hours and hours of fun, the replayability is great too as, if you only saved one cow last time, why not try that level again so you can save all four?

Any negatives about Beware Planet Earth?

Let me preface this by saying I had a true love-hate relationship with Beware Planet Earth until I got through the first three quarters of the game. I loved it through the Spring and Summer levels but, once I got to Fall Level 3  I thought I was going to kill someone as there was no way I was ever going to finish a game that had me making EIGHT attempts to finish one level.

Then….it dawned on me. Switch out a couple of machines and, instead of starting up the cheaper machines at the beginning, hold off, save your cogs and put down some of the 900 cog machines instead. Once I did that…..I was sorted, kicking alien ass and…..back to my love affair with the game.

Where to buy Beware Planet Earth

Beware Planet Earth ended up being such a popular tower defense game, it’s now available all over the place.

You can buy it at Desura for $9.99 DRM-Free

Or you can pick it up at Lightmare Studios’ website for $9.99 also DRM-Free

It’s even available at Big Fish Games for the same price.

Still not convinced? Then just watch the short video below of the second level and I guarantee you’ll be rushing off to grab it toute de suite. (And yes, the developers are French!)


Michelle Topham