Beyoncé Creates Her ‘7/11’ Music Video on an iPhone and It ROCKS!

beyonce 7 11 video


If you are one of the world’s biggest superstars, sure you can spend a fortune creating your next music video. Or you can do what Beyoncé just did with her ‘7/11‘ music video. Set up the iPhone and then dance around in front of it.

In your underwear, with your shorts on, in a bathrobe, in front of your Christmas tree, wearing a cat mask, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, spinning on a chair, alone or with your friends.


It doesn’t matter. As long as you can dance like Beyoncé and, holy freaking moley, can that girl dance. Out on her balcony overlooking the city, and she’s groovin’ like you’ve never seen. And smoulderingly sexy while she’s at it.

Watch Beyoncé’s ‘7/11‘ video below. Personally, if that’s how cool she is with just an iPhone, I think she should do them all like that. No wonder she makes more money than any other woman in music.


Michelle Topham