Beyonce Launching Topshop Activewear Label – Clothes, Footwear and Accessories

Beyonce Montreal Topshop clothing
Photo copyright Nat Ch Villa, Creative Commons License


Beyonce apparently loves Topshop and, to prove it, she’s just announced she’s launching a Topshop activewear label that will feature clothes, footwear and accessories. The exclusive new clothing line isn’t expected to launch until Fall, 2015, however, so don’t start planning your purchases just yet.

According to Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, what Beyonce is doing is far different than your usual celebrity fashion collaboration. Instead, it’s a 50-50 partnership with the British brand. In a statement, Green said,

“Being partners with Beyoncé and her team, who have the greatest creative energy and enthusiasm, is inspiring for all of the team at Topshop. We have much to achieve in just under a year, but we are all up for the challenge, and look forward to delivering athletic streetwear in an inventive and exciting way.”

Personally, I’m very excited we’re going to see Beyonce teaming with Topshop. The British brand has been one of my favorite places to shop for years, as their styles are always super cool, great quality, but still affordable.


And, as for Beyonce, come on, she’s flawless. An incredible artist, a superb businesswoman, and a fabulous advertisement for activewear herself, as she’s always in such amazing shape.

Topshop couldn’t have chose a better partner.

Michelle Topham