Big Gaming News of the Week — A Free ‘Splatoon 2’ Demo for Nintendo Switch — Laughed So Hard, Almost Swallowed My Tonsils (Video)

Well, I just made the mistake of clicking on a GameSpot video to learn about the ‘amazing news’ just coming out on the upcoming Nintendo Switch — the new gaming system that you can play at home, and then take along with you to play anywhere else you might be as well. (Isn’t that what a tablet does?).

And this massive Nintendo Switch news?

Apparently, Nintendo has just announced there will be a free playable ‘Splatoon 2‘ demo for the Nintendo Switch. But not a demo you can play ad infinitum. Oh no, that would be too nice of Nintendo.


Instead, the demo will be playable in just one hour designated windows, and only be available between March 24th and 26th. After that, it will be removed.

Which basically means, the Switch will launch without any bundled games, and only around 10 to choose from. Six other games will launch during 2017. Oh and yeah, a short ‘free demo’ that will be taken down three days later.

Now it’s been pretty obvious for quite a while Nintendo really does not ‘get’ the modern gaming industry. Especially as it has had huge financial losses almost every quarter since early 2014. The losses have been due to the Wii U never doing as well as Nintendo thought it would, as well as the company refusing to see how big mobile gaming was likely to get.

It also seems, the Japanese company has finally decided to jump on the mobile gaming bandwagon, after a fashion, and the Nintendo Switch is the result.

Personally, I never wish any gaming company ill will, (well, unless it’s a scam company run by a scumbag), and so I do wish Nintendo well with their latest console release.


Honestly, though, I don’t see this doing much better than the Wii U. Not unless the company can move beyond the outdated early 2000s way of doing things they seem to use to conduct their business, and figure out what modern day gamers want and will put up with instead.

And a ‘free playable Splatoon 2 demo you can play if you’re not already too busy during certain hourly slots on three days at the end of March? Sorry, Nintendo. I don’t see the appeal of that at all.

Watch the GameSpot video below for more on the demo. Can I just say “Meh”.


Michelle Topham