Black Butler S4 trailer has Sebastian pouring tea for Ciel and stating “I am one hell of a butler”

The Black Butler, Season 4 trailer is simple but oh so effective and nostalgic

The last season of the anime series Black Butler finished airing in September, 2014 and, with just a couple of OVAs and the Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic movie in 2017, it has been close to a decade since a new Black Butler series came out.

That is now about to change with the next in the series — Black Butler, Season 4 — being announced at Anime Expo earlier this month.

Black Butler, Season 4 will carry on from where Season 3 left off and follow the still ongoing manga quite closely.

Along with the announcement of a new season, the first Black Butler, Season 4 trailer was also released alongside the season’s first, and quite striking, key visual.


First Black Butler, Season 4 key visual

First Black Butler, Season 4 trailer ushers in nostalgia

The just-released first trailer for the upcoming new season is simple, but quite nostalgic as it simply has Sebastian Michaelis pouring┬áCiel Phantomhive a cup of tea, and then pronouncing “I am merely one hell of a butler”.

Yep, we all know that already and, oh how we have missed it.

Black Butler, Season 4 is being directed by Kenjirou Okada (March Comes In Like a Lion) with Hiroyuki Yoshino as Head Writer, and with character designs by Yumi Shimizu (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!).


This time, Clover Works is in charge of anime production.

Crunchyroll has already been confirmed to be streaming the anime outside Japan, with a premiere date sometime in 2024 currently expected.

Watch the just released short Black Butler, Season 4 trailer below, and then get as excited as I am, as this one is one of my all-time faves.


Michelle Topham