Blend S anime streaming on Funimation in U.S. and Canada from June 16th


If you are a Funimation subscriber and enjoy cute girls doing cute things, add the Blend S anime to your To Watch list as, according to the streaming service, the subbed version of the anime will begin streaming on Funimation in the U.S. and Canada tomorrow, June 16th.

Blend S is an anime centering around a group of high school girls working in a cafe.

The adorably cute main girl Maika Sakuranomiya has been looking for a part-time job so she can study abroad but, because she tends to look scary when she is nervous, nobody she interviews with will hire her.

After she bumps into an Italian man on a train platform, however, Maika is suddenly offered a job in the coffee shop he runs.

It turns out the girls who work in the coffee shop all have to take on a specific persona at work so they can lure in the mostly male customers — one is a tsundere, another a younger sister, a third an older sister and another an idol.



With her scary look, Maika is asked to be a sadist and, after initial apprehensions, proves to be incredibly good at it.

Blend S is a laid-back, fun and comfy cute girls doing cute things anime with characters you will grow quickly attached to.

It also has a beautiful art style and a goofy opening theme song that is so upbeat and silly, you can’t help smile every time you hear it.

All 12 episodes of season 1 of Blend S will be up on Funimation beginning tomorrow. Add it to your list.

Michelle Topham