Blend-S opening song ‘Bon Appétit♡S’ by Blend A is the cutest, silliest thing — Best Anime Songs

When it comes to upbeat, cute and silly songs that fit perfectly on our Best Anime Songs list, there is no way we can forget the Blend-S opening song — ‘Bon Appétit♡S‘ by Blend A, aka voice actors Azumi Waki, Akari Kitō, and Anzu Haruno.

Especially if you were one of those people that really got into the viral meme that hit Twitter when Blend-S was first released — the meme that had to do with the strange, silly and weird “Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, Service…” opening to the song.


As for the anime series, Blend-S was chockful of adorable moe characters, had beautiful artwork and was just the silliest, most light-hearted series to watch. Even while it attempted to be sexy and risqué as well.

Perfect for those nights when you came home from school or work, and just needed something to cheer you up.

I binge-watched the entire series soon after it was released and, to this day, when I hear the opening bars to the Blend-S opening song, my face breaks out into the biggest, goofiest grin.

Listen to that silly song below, and watch that utterly adorable animation opening. Isn’t that the cutest thing?


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Michelle Topham