Blue Archive’s Hoshino Takanashi character video reveals adorable sleepy student

New Blue Archive character video out

Blue Archive The Animation, the much anticipated adaptation of the popular Korean mobile game Blue Archive from NEXON Company, is continuing to unveil new character trailers as its release date approaches.

This week, get ready to meet Hoshino Takanashi, the Chairwoman of Abydos High School’s Countermeasures Committee, in this cute sneak peek.

Meet Blue Archive‘s Hoshino Takanashi


In the just released Hoshino Takanashi character video, we meet the intriguing persona of the sole third-year at Abydos High School, and a student who is known for her love for napping.

Voiced by Yumiri Hanamori (known for her role as Nadeshiko in Laid-Back Camp), Hoshino promises to bring a unique charm to Blue Archive The Animation.

Hoshino, of course, is just one waifu players of the gacha game will already be in love with, but, darn, is she as cute as cute.

Even while she makes you yawn just by listening to her.


Behind the Scenes of Blue Archive

Some of the creative minds behind the scenes of the upcoming Blue Archive The Animation anime series include the following staff:

Daigo Yamagishi (Yuru Yuri) is directing the anime, with Hiroshi Oonogi (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) alongside Daigo Yamagishi in charge of series composition.

Hiromitsu Hagiwara (A Certain Scientific Railgun T) is both in charge of character design and the animation director.

Anime production is being handled by Yostar Pictures and Studio CANDYBOX.

The Blue Archive cast

The talented voice actors helping to bring alive the cute characters of the popular mobile phone RPG are:

  • Konomi Kohara who is voicing Arona
  • Chiyuki Miura who plays Nonomi
  • Ayaka Ohashi as Serika
  • Sayaka Harada who is voicing Ayane
  • Yui Ogura as Shiroko
  • Yumiri Hanamori playing Hoshino

Release Date of Blue Archive anime

Mark your calendars!

Blue Archive The Animation is set to premiere in April, 2024, so fans of the hit gacha game don’t have to wait too long.

Meanwhile, ready yourself with an on-repeat watch of the new Hoshino Takanashi character video below, and immerse yourself in all that sleepy cute.

And by the way, just to show you that the Blue Archive anime is likely to be a very big hit, Hoshino Takanashi’s character video has only been out for 9 hours, and already has almost 225,000 views on YouTube already.