Blue Archive’s Kayoko Onikata character video intros the scary-seeming but actually lovely Section Chief

The latest Blue Archive character video is out today, with this one being my most favorite yet.

The video joins previously released character videos for Hoshino TakanashiNonomi Izayoi and Ayane Okusora.

That’s because we got a Kayoko Onikata character video that showcases the Section Chief of Problem Solver 68 and student of Gehenna Academy appearing to have a quite strict and scary personality.

Kayoko’s awesomely stylish black and white hair makes her seem cool and mysterious, while her black hooded sweatshirt, which usually features the words ‘”Born.To.Kill’ also adds to creating a somewhat menacing appearance.

In reality, though, the lovely Kayoko is actually quite a relaxed and sweet person, and the calmest person in the club.

Gotta say too, just like in the popular Korean RPG the anime is based on, voice actress Yukiyo Fujii does a stellar job bringing Kayoko to life.

Blue Archive staff

Along with voice actresses like Yukiyo bringing these wonderful characters to life, the new anime also features a stellar staff.

Daigo Yamakishi (Yuru Yuri,) is directing the anime alongside Shunji Maki as assistant director.

Both Hiroshi Oonogi (Gegege no Kitarou) and director Daigo Yamakishi are in charge of series composition, while the character designer and chief animation director is Hiromitsu Hagiwara (sub character designer for A Certain Scientific Railgun T).

Yostar Pictures (Arknights and Azur Lane) and Studio CANDYBOX (Breakers) are in charge of anime production.

The Blue Archive anime series is due to premiere on April 7th, so we don’t have to wait much longer for the wonderful Kayoko Onikata and her friends to come to beautifully-animated life.

Meanwhile, check out the cool and collected Kayoko Onikata’s character video, as she’s just so sweetly and huskily-voiced wonderful.


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