Blue Archive’s Mutsuki Asagi character video intros Problem Solver 68s troublemaker – but eh, she’s so cute!!!

Don’t let Mutsuki Asagi’s cute looks fool you — she’s a problem

The latest Blue Archive: The Animation character video is out today and, this time, it’s for 2nd year high school student Mutsuki Asagi.

The new Mutsuki Asagi character video shows the light pink-haired, machine gun-wielding member of school club Problem Solver 68 as the troublemaker and prankster she can often be.

Yep, that cute girl may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but, when it comes to all the Blue Archive girls, Mutsuki could be the most problematic.

After all, her thoughts always turn to doing the wrong thing every chance she gets, while feeling absolutely no remorse about it.

In the Mutsuki Asagi character video, she even admits “I’ll do anything as long as I get paid”.

Today’s release of Mutsuki’s video follows character videos for committee secretary Ayane Okusora, rich and generous Nonomi Izayoi, always sleepy Hoshino Takanashi, and section chief Kayoko Onikata among others.

What is Blue Archive: The Animation?

The upcoming action fantasy anime is based on a popular smart phone game from Nexon Games.

The Blue Archive website explains the plot of the game (and likely the anime based on it) in this way:

The city’s academies are divided into their own districts and are considered mostly independent.

The General Student Council acts as governing board to manage the academies as a whole. However, the group’s ability to govern has come to halt since the mysterious disappearance of the General Student Council president. Countless issues have begun to surface throughout Kivotos in the absence of the president’s leadership.

To avoid disaster, the General Student Council requests assistance from the Federal Investigation Club, otherwise known as Schale. In fact, Schale is the city’s newest club and the last to be approved before the president’s disappearance.

To accomplish its task, Schale relies on the guidance of a Sensei who can help them resolve the incidents around Kivotos.

(Students are required to carry personal weapons and smart phones! Get a taste of the military action, love, and friendship the Academy City has to offer!)

The anime is being directed by Daigo Yamakishi, with Shunji Maki as assistant director.

Hiroshi Onogi and Daigo Yamakishi are in charge of the scripts and series composition, and Hiromitsu Hagiwara is both the anime’s character designer and chief animation director.

Blue Archive: The Animation is set to premiere on April 7th, 2024.

If you are a fan of lolis (and who isn’t) — this one is most definitely for you.


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