Blue Orchestra key visual shows Hajime Aono falling in love with the violin once again

Blue Orchestra manga Volume 1 cover art

The upcoming Blue Orchestra anime series follows high school student and violin prodigy Hajime Aono as he falls back in love with the violin he once stopped playing.

A new Blue Orchestra key visual was released today featuring the student playing the violin, and looking as if he is enjoying every second. (see below)

Blue Orchestra (aka Ao no Orchestra) is based on the music manga written by Makoto Akui, and is scheduled to premiere in Spring, 2023 on NHK Educational TV in Japan.

The manga currently has 10 tankĊbon volumes out in Japanese.

Jun Sakata (To Your Eternity) will be chief producer and production supervisor.

Blue Orchestra follows Hajime Aono who was a young violin prodigy while still in elementary and middle school, winning awards and dominating competitions.

But after his parents’ bitter divorce, he vows never to play the instrument again.


First Blue Orchestra key visual

One day in high school, Aono gets hit in the face with a ball and is sent to the school infirmary.


There he hears fellow student Ritsuko Akine playing the violin, as she thinks she is alone.

The pair become friends after a teacher suggests Aono teach Akine how to play the violin properly.

Soon Aono is back playing the violin he once loved, while Akine is learning how to play hers the way she always wanted it to sound.

Michelle Topham