BOCCHI THE ROCK’S Nijika Ijichi character video shows a loud, extroverted and upbeat drummer – Watch!

Nijika Ijichi character video shows Nijika begging Hitori to join her band

A new BOCCHI THE ROCK! character video has been released today for the upcoming comedy, slice-of-life anime.


This time, it is a Nijika Ijichi character video that shows the Kessoku Band’s drummer to be a loud, extroverted and quite upbeat girl. And one who is obviously a lot of fun to hang out with.

Nijika is one of the main characters of BOCCHI THE ROCK!, and one of the cool girls protagonist Hitori Gotou gets to know after she learns to play the guitar and joins the all-girl rock band Nijika runs.

The new Nijika Ijichi character video lets us see her playing the drums, begging Hitori to join her band, then showing her the space where they rehearse.

The drummer is voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro (The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest), a voice actress who must have a heckuva lot of energy to keep up that level of exuberance for more than a couple of episodes.


As for the BOCCHI THE ROCK! anime series, it is based on the 4-panel manga by Aki Hamaji, and follows painfully shy high school girl Hitori as she follows her dream of playing in a band.

The anime is directed by Keiichirou Saitou (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department – Regards), with anime production by CloverWorks.

Watch the just released Nijika Ijichi character video below to see just how much fun the drummer is likely to be, and mark your calendar for the premiere of the first episode of BOCCHI THE ROCK! on October 8th.

Yep, this one looks like a cute one!

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