Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: First 5 Minutes of Gameplay Video

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC for Borderlands 2 will be released on June 25th, but a new video trailer of just over the first five minutes of gameplay is already out. In it, you’ll get to see Tiny Tina as the bunker master in her very own tabletop game of Bunkers & Badasses (that’s Dungeons & Dragons to those of us who don’t live in the Borderlands world). And, of course, being Tiny Tina she’ll kick some major ass while she’s doing it.

The cut scene is quirky, the sense of humour highly irreverent and Tiny Tina on fine form as usual. And while Tiny Tina definitely isn’t my cup of tea (that shrill voice makes me want to shell out for the biggest pair of earplugs available), I can appreciate that some gamers love her. If you’re one of them, you’ll likely love this downloadable content.

Watch the first five minutes of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep in the video below. It’s just a penny shy of 10 bucks. Unless you already have a season pass, and this baby will be heading your way soon.


As for me, unfortunately, I’m pretty much done with Gearbox Software and their slimy business practices so, as much fun as Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep looks, I’ll be giving this one a wide berth as I just can’t see knowingly supporting a company with such dubious morals. You might feel differently and, of course, that’s your perogative.


Michelle Topham