Boys’ Love manga All or Nothing is another BL story getting an English language version – Yay!

As a big Boys’ Love manga fan, and one that consumes several series a week, I am more than thrilled to announce Yen Press has just licensed the Boys’ Love manga All or Nothing.

The licensing for English publication was announced by Yen Press at the end of New York Comic Con this weekend, and came along with licensing for a slew of other new manga and light novel titles.


The manga is one of a couple of new BL titles we will apparently be getting in English as the once-niche genre becomes more and more popular with western manga readers.

What is the All or Nothing manga about?

Now don’t get the All or Nothing manga confused with the webtoon of the same name, as both have completely different premises and audience targets.

Instead, the upcoming Boys’ Love manga All or Nothing tells the story of friends Oka and Sawada, who suddenly find out that their friends Kadoi and Hasumoto are dating.

As the two boys see the relationship between their friends changing, they secretly begin to become more conscious of each other, while wondering what would happen if their own relationship changed in the same way?

There is no word yet on when we will be getting the All or Nothing English language version, but you can guarantee it has already been added to my list of Boys’ Love Manga to Buy.


According to Yen Press, it will also be available in both physical and digital versions, which means folks like me can add a physical copy to their collection too. Yay!

Michelle Topham